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UK Hospitality and Leisure Industry Set for Bumper Year

UK hospitality and leisure

The UK hospitality and leisure industry is set for a bumper year according to a new report by Barclays Bank.

The two main growth drivers will be the increased convenience and value for money of UK staycations and the growing attractiveness of the UK to overseas visitors.

Over half of the British adults surveyed are considering short breaks in the UK in addition to their main international holiday. British holidaymakers also appear to have increased budgets for their domestic trips, with 30% planning to spend more on leisure activities than in previous years.

For overseas visitors, Britain is becoming an increasingly attractive destination due to sterling depreciation and the popularity of TV shows about British history and culture. Almost all overseas respondents (97%) were interested in visiting the UK or may be interested in the future.

With an average holiday budget of £3,443, these inbound tourists present major opportunities for UK hospitality and leisure providers. To seize these opportunities, however, the report warns that the industry must respond to changing customer expectations such as free Wifi, transportation and religious or cultural requirements.

A more detailed summary of the report can be found here – UK Hospitality and Leisure Industry Set For Bumper Year.

The full report can be downloaded here – Destination UK.

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