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Arpal Gulf: New Consumer Survey on Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

At Arpal Gulf, we are proud to support the various initiatives taking place aimed at making Dubai the lowest carbon footprint city in the world (see our previous blog post Arpal Gulf Supports Green Dubai).

It was with great interest, therefore, that we read the recent ‘Sustainable Travel Report’ from Booking.com. The report focuses on what the term ‘sustainable travel’ means to consumers, how sustainable accommodations are viewed and what the future holds for eco-conscious travellers.

While a high proportion of respondents (47% for Americans and 72% for Chinese) considered themselves to be ‘sustainable travellers’, the report also highlighted a high level of confusion and some skepticism with the term ‘sustainable accommodations’. Many respondents stated that accommodation providers could not be trusted to be truly ‘green’.

Our recent series of blog articles covering environmental issues in cleaning chemicals highlighted a similar level of confusion, skepticism and distrust. The series reflected on some of the more dubious practices taking place within the industry and highlighted the dangers in making ambiguous environmental claims which often cause consumer confusion and unfairly cast doubt over the integrity of other reputable chemical companies’ products. Not all is what it seems to be in the land of so-called eco-friendly chemicals.

The Booking.com report concluded that a strong consensus exists that more could be done to aid sustainable travel. Arpal Gulf, and the wider Arpal Group, are more than prepared to play our part.

Our Ecopax Super Concentrates product range, in particular, has been developed to maximise positive environmental impact while at the same time providing superior cleaning power and ensuring user safety at all times.

In becoming green, it is sometimes important to be blue first.

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