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RP Adam Launches Free e-Learning Chemical Safety Module

Chemicals e-learning

Staff safety in the proper use of cleaning chemicals has been a dominant theme of the Arpal blog since our first post back in the Spring of 2014.

We also take staff chemical training very seriously with both RP Adam Ltd & Arpal Gulf LLC investing considerable time and resources ensuring that clients and distributor partners comply with their health and safety requirements regarding the use of hazardous substances (for the UK, see COSHH web site here).

It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we announce the launch of our new e-learning Chemical Safety Training Course. Free to use, the e-course is designed to take participants through the necessary steps in understanding the key areas of COSHH. It has been developed to ensure that key chemical safety messages are communicated and that customers of our cleaning detergents use them as safely and as effectively as possible.

The course also reassures our partners and customers that, when choosing to use commercial grade cleaning chemicals from RP Adam, they are dealing with a reputable cleaning chemical supplier, that products are fit for purpose, manufactured responsibly and comply fully with government legislation.

As always, the safety of our customers is our primary concern.

For larger corporate customers, we are more than happy to provide the course for hosting on their own in-house learning management system, free of charge. Please contact us to discuss.

We would stress that the online course is not a replacement for the face-to-face on-site training we deliver. It is an additional resource, not a short cut or an excuse to cut back service calls, far from it.

More details about the online Chemical Safety Training Module can be found on our web site here.

To go directly to the module please click on the icon below.

We very much welcome feedback on this important new initiative.

Chemicals e-learning

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