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Laundry Chemicals: Summary of Recent Blog Posts on Commercial Laundry

laundry chemicals

One of the main search terms used by visitors to the Arpal Group blog is ‘laundry chemicals’ or ‘laundry chemicals and their uses’.

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to present a short summary of the key blog articles, published over the last year or so, covering the topic of commercial laundry.

Laundry Chemical Blog Posts

Starting in March last year, we published a three part series presenting a Brief History of Laundry.

This was followed by an eight part series covering the more technical aspects of commercial laundry processes including the effective use of laundry chemicals. The eight part series was published in two free to download e-books:

Professional Laundry eBook 1: Chemicals & Washing (Parts 1 to 4) – Introduction & Overview of the Market; Laundry Chemical Types & Their Functions; Ozone, Thermal and Chemical Disinfection; Chemical Dosing & Wash Programmes.

Professional Laundry eBook 2: Processes and Practices (Parts 5 to 8) – Washer Extractors & How They Work; Sorting, Manual Handling & Laundry Safety; Fabric Types, Tumble Drying & Ironing; Re-Washing & Identifying Common Problems.

An article by our Sales and Marketing Director Max Adam, comparing the benefits of on-site laundry facilities to outsourcing, was published in Tomorrow’s Cleaning Ireland (pages 16/17 here).

We have also tried to keep our readers up-to-date with sector trends, especially in the fast moving markets of the Middle East:

Arpal Gulf Sector Updates: Commercial On-Premises Laundry

Middle East Commercial Laundry Set For Significant Growth

Middle East Professional Laundry Boom Part 2

Abu Dhabi Now Home To The UAE’s Biggest Laundry

We will also keep you up-to-date with events and conference relevant to the commercial laundry sector such as Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo 2016 taking place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in November.

As always, comment and feedback are very welcome.

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