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Hospitals and Care Homes Fail Food Safety Inspections


Last week, we posted a short blog post highlighting a Guardian investigation claiming that one in seven food premises in the UK had failed hygiene and food safety inspections.

The newspaper has now presented evidence showing that more than 500 UK care providers, including 200 residential and care homes; 200 nurseries, childcare centres, playgroups and out-of-school care providers; 19 hospitals and other NHS facilities; as well as a handful of hospices, homeless shelters, churches and youth centres have also failed to meet adequate food hygiene standards set by the Food Standards Agency.

Eight care providers still in operation scored zero, including six residential care homes, one nursery and one after-school care facility.

While the overwhelming majority (more than 98%) of care organisations achieved a food hygiene rating of three or better, the number receiving a low score is a major source of concern.

The full article can be accessed here.

Keeping food premises safe and clean is a core competency of Arpal Group, both in the UK and Middle East. Please see here for previous blog posts on the topic of food hygiene and food safety.

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