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Facilities Management Compliance: New Report


According to a recent report from JLL, a financial and professional services firm specializing in commercial real estate services, facilities management compliance issues have become a major challenge for many companies around the world.

The report argues that with more and more countries adding extra layers of complexity to operational compliance, a new Outsourcing 4.0 facilities management model is emerging with companies increasingly relying on a tight handful of integrated facility management partners who have invested in a culture of safety, compliance and infrastructure resilience. In the Outsourcing 4.0 model, service provider partners are expected to assume much of the risk and to offer a track record in creating and managing global operating standards for compliance.

The challenge of maintaining current compliance knowledge, especailly in the seven areas listed below, is a major factor behind the emergence of the Outsourcing 4.0 facilities management model.

  • Ethics
  • Safety
  • Vendor and financial management
  • Labor management
  • Information security
  • Data governance
  • Contractual risks

Jim Whittaker, President and CEO Facility Engineering Associates and contributing author to the report, states:

‘First and foremost, facilities managers must prevent threats to human health and safety that can arise from poorly maintained life safety equipment, improper handling of hazardous materials and other workplace issues. Beyond physical risks, however, companies must also heed new financial, reputational and contractual risks. The cost of non-compliance can be severe.’

From our point of view, the proper handling and use of hazardous cleaning chemicals is a major issue in this respect.  That is why ‘Industry Standards and Compliance‘ are among the core competencies we deliver to all of our customers and partner organisations.

Also, please see our series of blog posts and ebook on CLP Regulations; and for the Gulf region, our recent posts on compliance issues in the food service sector.

You can read the full article here.

Download the full JLL Report here.

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