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Ensuring Safe Meals at World Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 F&BThe safety and nutrition of each meal served to the 25 million visitors expected to attend World Expo 2020 in Dubai will be monitored using smart technology.

The Food Watch digital platform, launched last week by Dubai Municipality, will play a major role in monitoring and ensuring food safety at the World Expo site.

The following services will be delivered digitally:

  • Detailed guidelines for food establishments planning to operate at the Expo 2020 site.
  • Online approval for equipment, facilities etc.
  • e-training materials to guide participants.
  • A mobile app for expo customers providing detailed food information about the food – menus, nutrition, allergen alert, etc. The app will also show the locations of the eateries, modes of transport to reach them and available parking spaces.
  • A connected food monitoring system covering the whole expo site – details of food preparation areas, food handlers, vending machines, food trucks and freezers.
  • Laboratory support, provided by the municipality, covering the effective implementation of the food safety programme.

The expo site is projected to have over 50 million meal occasions, 85,000 meals being served per hour, 30,000 people working at over 200 food and beverage outlets across the 438 hectare site.

The full story can be found here.

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