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Why Your Concierge Needs Modern Day Technology

Future-Proofing the Concierge Role

One of the key themes discussed on the Arpal Group blog is digital disruption, its impact on the sectors we operate in, both in the UK and at Arpal Gulf.

It appears that digital disruption is now extending into the traditional role of the hotel concierge.

A recently published article on the Hospitality Net web site argues that few hotel roles have been as affected by technology as that of the concierge. Mobile internet and apps have significantly decreased the reliance of most guests on concierge services. At the same time, however, new technology such as ALICE Concierge, is radically changing the role of the concierge in delivering guest engagement and service differentiation.

Well worth a read – Future-Proofing the Concierge Role: Why Your Concierge Needs Modern-Day Technology.

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