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CLP Deadline Day Is Fast Approaching: 1st June 2015

CLP Deadline Day

One month today, the face of cleaning chemical labelling will change and quite dramatically. After years of debate the Classification, Labelling & Packaging (CLP) Regulations will come into force on the 1st June 2015. This means that any cleaning chemical manufactured on or after this date must, under law, be classified and labelled in accordance with the new CLP legislation.

There does seem to be a degree of misinterpretation from some companies who believe there is a two year grace period for this to come into effect – but this is not accurate. To clarify, if the product is made on the 31st May and sent from the manufacturer to a third party wholesaler/distributor, that product can be sold with the old CHIP labelling for a period of two years. But let’s face it, how many distributors want to be holding two years stock?

CLP has been a laborious administrative project for the chemical manufacturer but has put chemical health and safety right in the middle of the dance floor and if truth be known, it is probably one of the more sensible pieces of legislation to land on our door steps for some years. We perceive it to be a pivotal moment in the professional cleaning arena, which puts chemical user safety at the top of the agenda.

Wholesalers and end users have to now fully accept that there will be a rapid increase for the provision of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to protect staff using professional cleaning products. From our experience across a wide spectrum of business channels we know that many reputable businesses today do not provide adequate quantities of PPE for staff; this now becomes a top priority.

If you are an employer, communicate these changes to your employees and if you have any questions about the new labels or safety data sheets, speak to RP Adam Ltd. Our website also has a downloadable PDF presentation for more detailed information.

You can find out more about the background to the CLP legislation by clicking here.  Alternatively you can download our CLP e-book here.

You can read the full version of this article on our website here.

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