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Arpal Gulf Rising to The Challenge: Food & Disinfection

Clean Middle East Magazine

The UAE eating-out market continues to be one of the strongest performing sectors of the economy. With over 10,000 restaurants in Dubai alone, the UAE food and beverage sector is valued at $11 billion. Further rapid growth is expected with new outlets opening on the back of surging tourism numbers.

Maintaining high quality hygiene standards in such a fast moving marketplace is paramount. Dubai Municipality has recently introduced a Colour Coding System aimed at improving levels of hygiene and food safety.

The new grading system requires all food establishments (including restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies and food manufacturers) to display their inspection ratings for customers to see, increasing transparency and food safety standards. Seventy inspectors are involved in monitoring hygiene standards.

For the food service operater, poor hygiene standards can result in being ‘closed for business’; for the customer, serious illness; and for the UAE as a tourist destination, major reputational damage.

At Arpal Gulf, we work closely with a wide range of food operators in keeping their premises safe and clean. Our driving objective is simple – to support our customers in providing ‘clean food, served by clean people in a clean environment’.

With this in mind, we are delighted to be working with Clean Middle East magazine in publishing a series of short blog posts covering the topic of food hygiene and disinfectant. The first Talking Point post is available here.

Please visit the Arpal Gulf web site for full details of the products and services we supply to the food services sector.

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