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Arpal Gulf Articles On Clean Middle East

Clean Middle East

Since September of last year, Arpal Gulf have been publishing a regular series of articles on Clean Middle East covering the need for quality standards in commercial cleaning across the key sectors we operate in.

A wide range of topics have been covered providing best-practice advice relating to dish washing in busy UAE restaurants; quality standards in commercial laundry; green issues in cleaning chemicals; water hygiene in swimming pools, equine health, fruit and veg preparation; chemicals and dosing; food safety standards; and digital disruption in commercial cleaning.

Our most recent post can be found here Dishwashing: A Strategic Asset for Restaurants.

Other recent posts include:

Dishwashing: Standards and Procedures

Dishwashing: A strategic asset for restaurants

Recycling Wastewater in Commercial Laundry: A Call to Action

Quality Standards in Commercial Laundry – Staff Training is Critical

Laundry Chemicals and Automatic Dosing

Striving for Quality Standards in Commercial Laundry

The Rise of the Eco-Label Evangelists

Beware of the Deadly Sins of Greenwashing

Examining The Green Eco Chemical Debate

50 Shades Of Green: How Green Do You Need To Be?

Keeping the Fruit and Vegetables You Eat Safe and Clean

Equine Health and Water Hygiene

From Chlorine to New Age Solutions for Swimming Pool Hygiene

Swimming Pool Hygiene: Achieving Safer, Cleaner Water

Choosing the Right Disinfectants from Reputable Suppliers is Key

Types of Food Business Operators Need to Rely on Reputable Suppliers

Implementing & Adhering To Food Safety Standards: No More Excuses

Rising to the Challenge: Food and Disinfection

Digital Transformation: Six Key Pillars of Success

Digital Disruption: Three Sectors – Facilities Management, Hospitality and Healthcare

The Technologies Disrupting Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning: Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?

Chemicals & Dosing (Part 4): Commercial Viability and Making It Work

Chemicals & Dosing (Part 3) – The Importance of Engineering Service Reliability

Chemicals & Dosing – Manual Surface Cleaning & Disinfection Dosing Systems

We are delighted to be working with Clean Middle East in this way.

The Arpal Group

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