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Arpal Group e-Learning Safety Training a Major Success

e-Learning Safety Training

Launched in January 2016, our custom built e-learning chemical safety training course has been a roaring success. It has become the central pillar of our training offering with a huge uptake in the number of client staff taking part in the online course.

When deciding to use commercial grade cleaning chemicals from the Arpal Group, new and existing customers need to be assured that they are dealing with a reputable cleaning chemical supplier who values customer safety as its primary concern.

With this in mind, our free-to-use online Chemical Safety Course was developed to support customers in complying with their COSHH responsibilities. The e-Learning module delivers key chemical safety messages clearly and consistently ensuring that our cleaning detergents are used safely and effectively.

By delivering online, we provide customers with more flexibility and reduced training costs, while at the same time allowing our field training staff to focus on more practical training activities such as cleaning tips and trouble shooting.

Since launch, almost 10,000 customer trainees have complete the course with a consistent increase in average monthly uptake. At the same time, our pre-planned service calls and face-to face product application training sessions have also increased, meaning that we are delivering more training than ever before.

You can read more here – Arpal Group Values e-Learning Safety Training Success

You can access our online course directly by clicking here.

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