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Arpal Group Launch Social Media Strategy to Support UK and International Growth

Social Media Strategy

An abbreviated version of a recent Press Release outlining our vision for Social Media to support domestic and international market growth was published on Cleaning Matters.  The full Press Release is published below.

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Social Media Strategy: Press Release

Arpal Group*, a leading supplier of cleaning and disinfection chemicals to the hospitality, care home, facilities management, leisure, commercial laundry and contract cleaning/catering sectors, has launched a Social Media Strategy to support the Group’s expansion in the UK domestic market and internationally through Arpal Gulf, the Group’s long established operation in the Middle East.

Max Adam, Group Marketing Director, states “Our entry into the world of Social Media started when MD Robin Leith attended a workshop delivered by Dr Jim Hamill of Energise 2-0 at ‘Export Week’ an event organised last November by Scottish Development International. The title of Jim’s presentation was ‘Social Media Supported Internationalisation.’ Given that we are already a major exporter from Scotland, this opened our eyes to the potential of new technology for supporting future domestic and overseas market growth. Following several brainstorming sessions with Jim and his team, we developed a clear vision and strategy for Social Media which we are now in the process of implementing. This includes our new blog at www.thearpalgroupblog.com; Twitter page @RPAdamLtd and our Linkedin Company page. We also have a presence on Facebook and Google +.

Two of the key elements of our Social Media Strategy are active listening and two-way engagement. We have set-up a Social Media Listening System which has proved invaluable in delivering real time up-dates on major trends and developments in the sectors we operate in. Our vision for Social Media is to add value to existing and new customers through the quality of the content we deliver and building two-way dialogue. We are in the process of implementing a Content Marketing Plan to achieve this.

For the 123 years we have been in business, our success has always been built on relationships and trust. There is a clear strategic fit between the potential of Social Media for our business, our Core Values (Competency, Credibility and Capability) and our goal of delivering Customer Service Excellence at all times. The fact that we have recently put a lot of time and effort into redeveloping the R.P. Adam and Arpal Gulf web sites means that this is a perfect time for us to be launching our social media efforts.”

John Gavigan, expat Scot and MD of Arpal Gulf based in Dubai, says “We are very excited about the potential of Social Media for supporting our growth plans in the MENA Region. We are one of the longest established suppliers of cleaning and disinfection products in the UAE. The time is right to support our ambitious regional expansion through the strategic use of new technology and Social Media. Now in our 18th year of business, Arpal Gulf already supplies some of the biggest and most prestigious hospitality brands in the region. As our customers become more ‘social’, it is critical that we also become leading edge in our use of digital communications. Supporting relationships with existing customers, building brand awareness, new customer acquisition, promoting our Core Values and Customer Service Standards are the key business drivers underlying our new Social Media Strategy.

Our Content Strategy will establish Arpal Gulf as a leader in ‘beyond chemicals’ emphasising customer service excellence, high value add to clients, quality and reliability. It will establish the Group as a ‘thought leader’ in the industry in areas such as regulation, training, environmental issues and so on.

Our vision is to become the supplier of choice to high quality Hotels, Shopping Malls, Facilities Management companies and Commercial Laundries in the region. With our sights very much on ambitious growth not only within the UAE, but also in Saudi Arabia, and with new opportunities springing up in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, social media will become critical to achieving our growth objectives.”

As well as the Group blog mentioned previously, the two main social channels for Arpal Gulf are the @ArpalGulf twitter account and Linkedin Company Page.

*Note: Arpal Group comprises RP Adam Ltd, the UK manufacturing company which, now in its 123rd year in business, continues to flourish supplying the hospitality, leisure and healthcare markets through a network of national and regional distributor partners; and Arpal Gulf LLC, the sister company based in Dubai, now in its 18th year in business, and serving the growing hotels, commercial catering and facilities management sectors throughout the UAE and beyond. The ethos of both companies is quite simple: “to never give a reason for a customer to go elsewhere for cleaning chemicals”.

The Arpal Group

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