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Arpal Group Board Interview: Part 2 – Future Growth Plans

Arpal Group Video Interview

In the second of our three-part video interview with Arpal Group board members, Robin Leith (Managing Director), John Taylor (Finance Director) and Max Adam (Sales and Marketing Director) discuss future growth plans for the business built around the ‘20-20 Vision and Strategy’.

Issues covered include origins of the ’20-20’ growth plan; how we will achieve the ambitious targets agreed; the current strong financial position of the company; scenario planning to cope with unexpected external risk; our key sectors and markets; success in the Middle East; future employment creation; and the critical importance of our people to future business success.

The third and final part will be published on Friday of this week.

The Arpal Group

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  1. kirstenrichardson@btinternet.com'
    Christina Richardson
    January 19, 2017 at 9:32 am - Reply

    Just listened to your second Arpal interview. Very interesting. Sounding good. Best wishes for the future. Can’t resist. Max your features ,sound of your voice and looks is just a young G.F.Adam. X

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